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IRON HOUSE provides result driven personal training with a customized approach that includes fitness and body metric assessments for benchmarking, and soon-to-be-available nutritional programs for guidance.

We are an exclusive yet unpretentious community of influential professionals who lead an innovative, wellness focused lifestyle.

Our team works independently and closely with their own clients to create regimens that are challenging, dynamic and designed specifically to meet each client's individual needs.

And the pillars of our business; teamwork positive energy, philanthropy, and authenticity, allow IRON HOUSES' environment to be as welcoming for our clients as it is inspiring.

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Our methods are lead by Jim Ryno, a trusted leader in the industry.

Jim is a long time personal trainer, husband and dad. But also a luxury home gym designer and Muscle & Fitness contributor.

On Jim's free time, this is where you'll find him ... every once in a while he'll put down his weights and write (or contribute to) some of your favorite magazines. Whether its a fitness routine, nutritional advice, equipment reviews, celebrity gossip or a cool new gadget he found, he'll share it with them and you can find it here.

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